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-/T-/ᵗ-/t-/H-/ʰ-/h-/E-/ᵉ-/e-/ -/ -/V-/ᵛ-/v-/O-/ᵒ-/o-/I-/ᶦ-/-i/-D/-ᵈ/-d/-

ohhh yoooooo
had a dream this morning
it was a two-fer
dream one was this higher being telling me that the resonant frequency of the fifth dimension is 5 hertz. (u think thats like lame or tacky but they said its true so. lol) so if u squint ur eyes right and bob ur head at 5 hertz u can see peoples auras and stuff. more complex auras than the 4th dimension tho. i tried it and it was sweeetttt.
dream two was me trying that after waking up but it didint work :/ i was like god damn why’d i have to wake up
then i actually woke up and took a shower. i tried it and straight up got a lil dizzy.

if someone were to ask me over cell phone what i was up to right now i would send them the following picture:

if someone were to ask me what i was up to right now i would say

im just laying here

informem replied to your photo

is that apple pizza

i wish lol instead it is a cheese fry pizza slice